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Kevin Cambell scored a hat trick for Everton. He is also the first black captain of Everton.

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Q: Who did Kevin Campbell score a hat trick for?
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Did Alex Ovechkin ever score a triple hat trick?

Yes Alex Ovechkin did score a triple hat trick in 1996.

Which players have scored a hat trick for 3 premiership clubs?

Kevin Campbell, Les Ferdinand and Teddy Sheringham have each scored a hat trick for 3 different teams. Kevin Campbell has done this for Arsenal, Everton and Nottingham Forest. Les Ferdinand has scored them for QPR, Tottenham and Newcastle, whilst Teddy Sheringham managed the feat for Tottenham, Manchester City and Portsmouth.

How do you score a hat trick?

its when you score 3 goals in one game.

Kevin Gallager scored a hat trick for what team?

Kevin Gallacher scored a hat trick while playing for the Blackburn Rovers. He played for the Rovers from 1993 to 1999.

Who was the footballer to score a hat trick in 1966?

Geoff Hurst scored a hat-trick and he became the first man to score a hat-trick in a world cup final.

When did Steve Yzerman score his first hat trick?

Steve Yzerman scored his first hat trick on December 23, 1983

Did anybody creator hat trick in 2006 world cup?

No player managed to score a hat trick at 2006 world cup.

Who was the last wild player to score a hat trick?

Robbie Fowler scored a Hat-Trick against Arsenal in 7 minutes

Did David Beckham score a hat-trick?

It was fo rArsenal.

Who was the most recent player to score a hat trick against Liverpool?

As of March 2011, the last player to score a hat trick against Liverpool is Manchester United's Dimitar Berbatov.

Who has scored a hat trick for Newcastle against sunderland?

Kevin nolan

Who score last hat trick in tyne wear derby?

gogiga gagagigo scored the last hat trick in the tyne wear derby?