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France played Uruguay, Senegal and Denmark.

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Q: Who did France play in the 2002 world cup?
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Who did France play in the third round of the 2002 soccer world cup?

France did not reach the third round in the 2002 World Cup. They were knocked out in the group stage, after being beaten by Senegal, drawing with Uruguay and being beaten by Denmark.

How many goals did France score during the 2002 world cup?

France failed to score a single goal in the 2002 world cup. Mind you they were the reigning world cup winners.

Which was the country who beat France in 2002 world cup?

France played three matches in 2002 FIFA World Cup. France 0-1 Senegal France 0-0 Uruguay France 0-2 Denmark.

How many goals did France score at the 2000 world cup?

France scored mo goals as there was no world cup played in 2000, it was played in 2002.

How many goals did France score in the world cup in 2002?

France failed to score a single goal in 2002.

When did thierry Henry play his first world cup?

No as France missed out in 1994 world cup.

Who beat France in world cup opening match in 2002?

It was Senegal.

2002 world cup who played with France?

Senegal, Uruguay and Denmark.

Did zidane play against denmark in the 2002 world cup?

No either Zidane was injured inthe 2002 world cup or Denmark failed to qualify for the world cup.

How many goals did world cup winners France score at the 2002 finals?

France won the World Cup in 1998 and scored 3 goals. Brazil won in 2002 and scored 2 goals.

When did South Africa play ther last world cup?

2002 FIFA world cup

How many goals did France scored in world cup 2002?

France played in three matches at the 2002 FIFA world cup. Unfortunately, they were not able to score any goals during the course of the tournament and were eliminated. The scores of the games were as follows: France 0-1 Senegal. France 0-0 Uruguay. France 0-2 Denmark.