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Q: Who did David Bentley play for before he joined Blackburn?
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How much did david bentley cost from arsenal to blackburn?

2 million pounds

What country does footballer David Bentley live in?

The footballer David Bentley lives in the county of England and previously played for Arsenal as a child then Tottenham and Blackburn Rovers but is currently a free agent.

When was David Blackburn born?

David Blackburn was born on 1962-01-07.

Who has scored 3 goals against man united in the premier league?

David Bentley, then of Blackburn Rovers, was the last man to score a hat-trick against Manchester United.

When was David Bentley born?

David Bentley was born on August 27, 1984.

What is David Bentley's birthday?

David Bentley was born on August 27, 1984.

When was David Bentley Hart born?

David Bentley Hart was born in 1965.

How old is David Bentley?

David Bentley is 27 years old (birthdate: August 27, 1984).

What sport is David Dunn known for playing?

David Dunn is most notable for being a football player for the Blackburn Rovers. He originally joined the team as a trainee. however made his debut with a goalless draw against Everton.

Is David Bentley English?

no no

When was David Bentley - Bishop of Gloucester - born?

David Bentley - Bishop of Gloucester - was born on 1935-08-07.

Is David Bentley Gay?

No yes he is