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Don Majkowski

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Q: Who did Brett Favre take over for at quarterback?
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Who did Brett Favre take over for as quarterback of the packers?

Don Majkowski.

Did Brett Favre ever take ballet?

i hope so

Does Brett Favre Take It In The Chili Ring?

be playa hatin

Who is the only other Packers' quarterback to take a snap in a Super Bowl under center besides Bart Starr and Brett Favre?

There hasn't ever been another quarterback in a Super Bowl besides those two.

Did Brett favre ever take a knee to start a game?

Absolutely not

Did Brett favre take over for Don Makowski?

Yes. He replaced Don "Magic Man" Majkowski during the 1992-3 season

Who did the falcons trade for Brett Favre?

A 1st round pick that was used to take Tony Smith, RB.

Will Brett Favre be cut?

No. As of February 2010, Rick Spielman (chief coordinator, Minnesota Vikings) says he want Brett Favre back another year. In addition, Brad Childress, the head coach of the Vikings team, is letting Brett Favre take his time regarding his future career: he will not give Brett Favre a deadline. Now, of course, its up to Brett Favre whether he continues his record-setting consecutive start streak by playing another year. Although he recently told ESPN he highly doubts his return, Favre has already "retired" twice in a row, so he may continue even if he says he has quit.

Who did Brett Favre back up when with the Atanta Falcons?

Brett Favre was the third string QB for the Falcons in 1991. The starting QB was Chris Miller and the second string QB was Billy Joe Tolliver. Atlanta coach Jerry Glanville did not approve of the drafting of Favre, famously saying it would take a plane crash for him to put Favre into the game.

Who has thrown the most interceptions in nfl playoff history over the course of their career?

Jim Kelly and Brett Favre are presently tied, with 28.Brett will obviously have a chance to take sole possession of the record if he throws a pick in this years' playoffs.

Who did not take two different teams to a super bowl?

There are many answers meaning many QB's to name but Brett Favre didn't cuz he sux

What pain killers was Brett Favre addicted to in 1996?

vicodin--he said in an interview at the time that he would make himself throw up after taking them so he cud take them again

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