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It was a 42 yard pass to Sterling Sharpe.

Curiously, Favre's first ever completed pass was to... himself. It was deflected and he caught it.

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Q: Who did Brett Favre's throw the his first TD pass to?
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Who was Brett Favre's first completion to?

Brett Favres' 1st completed pass in the NFL was to himself (on a deflection) for a loss of 7 yards

Who did Brett Favre complete his first nfl pass to for the green bay backers?

Brett Favres' 1st pass for the Green Bay Packers was deflected by a defensive player & Favre himself caught it for a 7 yard loss.

Who caught Brett favres first touchdown pass in Lambeau Field?

Sterling Sharpe on September 20, 1992 in the 4th quarter against the Cincinnati Bengals ... it was a 5 yard TD pass.

What is Brett Favres longest pass?

His longest completed pass went 99 yards to Robert Brooks for the Packers against the Bears in the 1995 season.

Who did Brett Favre complete his first pass in the NFL to?

His first pass was to himself ----Brett Favres first completion was caught by no other than " tough as nails" Brett himself. He was flushed out of the pocket to the left side and launched it. A defender though jumped into the air and deflected the ball,behind the line of scrimmage, high into the air. Brett Favre caught it himself and lost yards on the play. Some people try to say his first completion was an interception, but an interception does not count as a completion. It would be his firts pass attempt was an interception but not the first completion.Himself

Was Brett Favre's first throw an interception?

Yes. Farve's first NFL pass was an interception that Andre Collins of the Washington Redskins ran back 15 yards for a touchdown. Click on the 'Brett Favre First NFL Pass' link below to see a tape of the play.

Who was the first person who picked Brett Favre's first throw?

Linebacker Andre Collins of the Washington Redskins intercepted Brett Favre's first pass and returned it 15 yards for a TD in a 56-17 Washington victory over Atlanta on November 10, 1991.

Who did Brett favre throw is first pass to as a green bay packer?

Himself. On his 1st play as a Green Bay Packer, Favre threw a pass that was deflected & was caught by himself for a loss of 7 yards.

What team was Brett Favre on when he completed his first pass?

The Falcons and his first pass was tipped back to him so he technically completed his first pass to himself.

Who caught Brett favres last touchdown pass at Lambeau Field?

Randy Moss. Favre's final TD pass at Lambeau came when he was playing with the Minnesota Vikings. He threw a 4 yard TD pass to Moss in the 3rd quarter of the game played October 24, 2010.

Who did Brett Favre throw his first touchdown pass to?

Sterling Sharpe. Favre's first regular season TD pass was to Sterling Sharpe on September 20, 1992 in the 4th quarter of the Packers' 24-23 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals at Lambeau Field.

Who caught brett's favre first pass his first td with green bay?

Sterling Sharpe

Who caught Brett Favre's first NFL touchdown pass?

Brett Favre's first TD pass went to Sterling Sharpe in the fourth quarter of a game against the Cincinnati Bengals on September 20, 1992.

Who caught Brett Favre's first pass as a packer?

Brett Farve caught His own Pas when it was deflected of a deffensive line men.

Did Peyton Manning throw for a TD on his very first pass?

No, but in his first preseason game, his first pass was a TD to Marvin Harrison.

Who caught Brett farves 421 td pass?

who caught brett farves 421 td pass

Who caught Brett Favre's first NFL pass?

Brett Favre actually caught his own first pass. His first pass attempt was deflected by a defender and he caught the ball off of the deflectionFarve's first pass in a regular season NFL game was an interception that resulted in a touchdown. His career passing while a Falcon was 0 completions in 4 attempts with 2 interceptions.

How is Brett favre forcing the pass ideal aggressive or conservative?

The Brett Favre is forcing the pass ideal is referred to as aggressive.

Who was on the receiving end of Brett Favre's first NFL completion?

Brett Favre's 1st NFL pass was deflected & he caught it himself for a loss of 7 yards.

Who was Brett Favre's first pass to?

To himself, it got blocked by a lineman and then ended up in his own hands.

What position did Brett Favre play for the Atlanta Falcons?

Brett Favre played quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons. His very first pass for the Falcons was intercepted and returned for a touchdown.

Has a NFL quarterback ever thrown a pass to himselve?

Yes. Brett Farve's first career completion was a pass to himself for a net of -7 yards.

Who was the first player in the NFL to throw a forward pass?

1906 The forward pass was legalized. The first authenticated pass completion in a pro game came on October 27, when George (Peggy)

Who caught Brett Favre's final NFL pass?

Tracy Porter, cornerback from the New Orleans Saints intercepted Brett Favre's final pass.

What was Brett Favre longest pass?

99 yards