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Q: Who did Brad Gushue defeat in curling at the 2006 curling gold medal?
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Who won the gold medal for Canada in curling at the 2006 Olympics?

Members of the men's curling team from Canada that won the gold medal at the 2006 Winter Games in Turin were Russ Howard, Brad Gushue, Mark Nichols, Jamie Korab, and Mike Adam.

How many medals did brad gushue win?

Brad Gushue and his team won the gold medal at the 2006 Olympics in Turin. That was his one and only Olympic appreance to date.

Who are the stars of curling now?

Russel Howard of Canada is the world and olympic champ in Men's curling in 20o6 Kevin Martin and his team played for Canada in the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, winning the gold medal. Russ Howard played with Brad Gushue in the 2006 Olympic Winter Games, also winning gold.

How many times has America won Olympic medals in curling?

The US has won one Olympic curling medal, that being a bronze at the 2006 Games in Turin.

Where did the Americans win the first medal in Curling?

The 2006 Games in Turin when the men's team won bronze.

What are the release dates for The Curling Stones - 2006?

The Curling Stones - 2006 was released on: USA: 6 September 2006 (Los Angeles, California)

How many times has Canada won Olympic medal in curling?

As of the 2010 Games in Vancouver, Canada's curling teams have won 6 medals. The men's team has won 1 gold (2006) and 2 silver (1998, 2002) and the women's team has won 1 gold (1998) and 2 bronze (2002, 2006).

Who plays with brad gushue in curling?

Playing in the 2006 Winter Olympics Team Canada (where they won the gold medal) was: Skip - Brad Gushue (He threw the last two stones) Third - Mark Nicholas Second - Russ Howard (Threw second stones and called the game) Lead - Jamie Korab Alternate - Mike Adam Curling out of the St. John's Curling Club *Note the Olympics noted Russ Howard as the skip, but the team considered Brad to be the skip as he formed the team. For the upcoming season (2010-2011) Randy Ferbey from Edmonton, AB is teaming up with Brad Gushue and his team (Mark Nichols, Ryan Fry) to compete in the cash circuit and try for the Brier. It's unknown whether or not they will be eligible to compete - If the rink can represent Newfoundland and Labrador, with an Albertan on the team, in the Canadian championships. Ferbey will call the game and throw third rocks. Gushue will throw last stones - similar to what he did in Turin. Mark Nicholas will play second, and Ryan Fry lead. The current Ferbey rink (Randy Ferbey, David Nedohin, Scott Pfeifer, Marcel Rocque) will play for the last time together in Dawson Creek, BC at the Grand Slam of Curling: Grey Power Players' Championship (Presented by Capital One). The event will begin April 13 and end on April 18. Nedohin, Pfeifer and Rocque are planing to take a years break from the competitive circuit.

Which events did Canada win at the 2006 Olympics?

Hockey and Curling.

Which Australian won a gold medal at the 2006 winter Olympics?

Steven Bradbury won a medal at the 2006 winter Olympics.

What are the release dates for Pingu - 1986 Pingu's Curling Party?

Pingu - 1986 Pingu's Curling Party was released on: USA: 14 August 2006

When was Medal for Merit to Culture created?

Medal for Merit to Culture was created in 2006.

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