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Sheffield Wednesday. They beat them 2-1 in extra time in a replay.

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Q: Who did Arsenal play in the 9293 FA Cup final?
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Which team won the fa cup in 1927?

Cardiff City This is the only time the F.A. Cup has been won by a non English team. Cardiff beat Arsenal 1-0 in the 1927 cup final down to a goalkeeping error by the Arsenal goalkeeper, It was the first time Arsenal had had new kit for the final, and because of this mistake by the goalkeeper, Arsenal never play in an F.A. Cup Final with a new goalkeeping jersey.

Who is in the carling cup final 2011?

Arsenal v Birmingham

What was the score in the 2007 cup final game Chelsea vs Arsenal?

The score in the 2007 cup final game Chelsea vs Arsenal was 2-1, Chelsea 2, Arsenal 1. The final game was played with over 70,000 people in the audience.

Who won the carling cup final in 2010?

Birmingham beat arsenal

What year did arsenal first win the uefa cup?

Arsenal have never ever won the U.e.F.A. cup though they lost to Barcelona in the final of 2006.

What was the final score in FA cup final in 1979?

Arsenal beat Man United 3-2.

When did Arsenal play Celtic?

The last time that Arsenal and Celtic played was at the 2010 Emirates Cup.

Who won the soccer cup final at Wembley in 1979?

Arsenal won the 1979 FA Cup Final. The beat Manchester United 3 - 2.

Who scored the winning goal in the 1930 FA cup final?

The 1930 FA Cup Final was contested by Arsenal and Huddersfield Town at Wembley. Arsenal won 2-0, with goals from Alex James and Jack Lambert.

Who won 19 79 fa cup final?

Arsenal beat Man Utd 3-2 in the final.

When did arsenal get their first trophy?

Arsenal won their first trophy in the 1929-1930 fa cup final against Huddersfield Town

What year did Cardiff city beat arsenal in the fa cup final?

it was 4-3

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