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Q: Who did Alabama beat in 1992 for national championship?
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Who did Alabama defeat to win the 1992 national championship?

Alabama beat the much-heralded University of Miami (with Heisman Trophy winner Gino Torreta as their QB) for the 1992 National Championship. It was a blowout.

Who won 1978 national championship?

Alabama beat USC Alabama was the champions

Who did Alabama beat in 92 national championship?

The University of Miami

Did North Carolina Beat Michigan to win National Championship in 1992?

No. Duke beat Michigan in 1992, 71-51.

Who did Alabama beat for the national champioinship in 1992?

University of Florida at Miami

Who did Notre Dame beat 24-23 in the 1973 sugar bowl to claim the National Championship?


How many National championship games has University of Texas won?

4 wins.soon to be 5 if they can beat Alabama.

Where did UF win their first National championship?

1996. They beat Alabama 45 to 30 in the SEC Championship and then beat Florida State 52 to 20 in the Sugar Bowl.

When is the last time an sec team played for the national championship and did not win?

Mississippi State has not won a National Championship.

Who won the BCS championship?

Alabama beat Texas

Who did the Nebraska Cornhuskers beat in 1995 for the national championship?

The Nebraska cornhuskers beat Florida for the 1995 national championship.

Who won the NCAA national championship game in 2012?

In Football Alabama won because they are amazing and in basketball kentucky sadly beat KU