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Q: Who developed bat badger and jump ball?
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What is the life of a composite fastpitch softball bat?

Ka Bam! Composite bats are great! They make the ball jump off the bat and go far...

What is an Irish mammal beginning with B?

Badger. Bat.

A bat hits a ball which has the greater acceleration the bat or the ball?

in most cases the bat

Is it correct to say there is a bat and a ball?

Usually it would be "There is a bat and ball."

What part of speech is the word bat?

Bat can be a noun as in the flying creature or a bat you hit something with. Bat can also be a verb, as it to bat a ball. Using both forms, you can bat a ball with a bat.

Why can you hit a ball harder with a metal bat?

because a metal bat has give so when the ball hits it the bat flex's and the ball slings off harder

What games are played with a bat and no ball?

One game played with a bat and no ball is Piñata.Games played with a bat and ball include baseball and cricket.

If a bat hits a ball with 1000 n of force how much force does the ball hit back on the bat?

According to Newton's third law of motion, the force exerted by the ball on the bat would be equivalent to the force exerted by the bat on the ball. Therefore, if the bat hits the ball with 1000 N of force, the ball would also hit back on the bat with 1000 N of force.

If a bat exerts 40 newtons on the ball how many newtons does the ball exert on the bat?


A bat and a ball cost 110 in total The bat costs a dollar more than the ball how much does the ball cost?

you would have to know the price of the bat first

If a ball being struck by a bat exerts a reaction force on the bat why doesn't the bat move backward?

The bat does experience a reaction force from the ball. However, the bat's mass is much larger than the ball, so it doesn't move backward significantly due to the difference in mass. Additionally, the bat player's grip and stance help to absorb the force and prevent significant backward movement.

If a bat and ball cost 1.10 and the bat costs 1.00 more than the ball How much does the ball cost?

5 cents