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Q: Who designed the original San Diego Chargers logo?
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Who designed metallica logo?

I know James Hetfield designed the original logo.

What colors are the San Diego Chargers and why?

The San Diego Chargers are mainly blue, but also white, and a tiny bit of yellow. Those colors are colors of a lightning bolt, which is what their logo is.

What does the San Diego Chargers logo mean?

It conveys the energy the team wants to bring to the game.

Where can one find an image of the San Diego Chargers logo?

There are a range of options for one to find an image of the San Diego Chargers logo. One can find this image on sites such as Photobucket and Sportslogos. There are also a number of images available on the Google Images website.

Why do the San Diego Chargers use a large H in their logo?

Hilton was their team owner. He invented the credit card.

How many times have the San Diego Chargers changed their logo?

Once--first it was a solider on a horse, and now it's a lightning bolt.

Who designed the original O2 logo?

Architect Richard Rogers designed the original O2 logo. Rogers helped build the O2 millennium dome and made suggestions to the entertainment district around O2.

Who designed the Cingular logo?

The Cingular logo belongs to AT&T. The original logo belongs to Cingular Wireless that merged with AT&T in February of 2004. AT&T decided to keep the original logo for some time after the merger.

Which artist designed the original Google logo?

This is about the Google logo, not the Google! logo. The logo for Google uses the font Catull, which you can download to Microsoft Word but not to Google Drive.

Who designed the logo for the Utah Jazz?

The logo for the Utah Jazz was most likely designed by a team of graphic designers. The Utah Jazz logo has undergone four changes since the original design used in 1974.

Who designed the Olympic logo?

Wolff ollins designed the olympic logo. Wolff ollins designed the olympic logo.

Who created the original Dallas Cowboys logo?

The Dallas Cowboys logo was created by Jack Eskridge. He was hired to be the Cowboys' equipment manager in 1959 and subsequently designed the star logo.

Who designed the logo of Domino's pizza?

who designed the domino's pizza logo??????

Other than Chargers Apparel what else does the San Diego store sell?

The San Diego Chargers store sells more than apparel with the football team's colors and logo. Accessories such as coffee mugs, automotive decals and license plate frames, blankets and throws, and jewelry are all offered at the shop.

Who originally designed the Starbucks logo?

The Starbucks franchise has had a total of 4 logos since the company first opened. The original logo was designed in 2006 by Terry Heckler and was an image of a twin tailed mermaid that was topless.

Who designed the logo for Sprite?

There is no information on the internet about who designed the logo for Sprite. However, sprite is owned by the Coca-Cola company so it can be said that the logo was designed by them.

Why was the Skittles logo designed?

because everything has a logo

Who designed Super Bowl 43 logo?

Landor designed XLIII... Attik designed the Super Bowl XLIV logo.

Who designed the mac logo?


Who Designed Adobe Systems Logo?

Graphic designer Marva Warnock designed the company's first identity. The stylization of the A is carried through all glyphs in a rather accomplished and aware way. The original logo also offers a glance of what the future logo would look like. The new stylized A logo sets an example of how a company extends and respects its own graphic history.

When was facebook logo designed?

Facebook's logo was designed c. 2005 by Cuban Council et al.

Who designed the original recycling logo?

A competition was held at some point for the design of the logo. It was won by Gary Anderson, a 23-year-old college student at the University of Southern California.

Who designed the Fiat logo?

The current FIAT logo was designed by Robilant Associati and the Fiat Style Centre, in 2006

Who designed the cocacola logo?

The Coca Cola logo was designed by founder's partner, Frank Mason Robinson, in 1885.

Why is the Chargers' logo a lightning bolt?

Because Ladamian Tomlinson is on the team. =P