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A lot of teams say they're going to beat the Saints, but then they are rudely awakened.

The Falcons. But they lost miserably.

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Q: Who dat say they going to beat them Saints?
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Who dat say they going to beat dem saints?

First, get your spelling correct, and many people routed for the Saints! No one say 'cause nobody can't!

What is the Cajun translation of who dat?

The National Football Team, The New Orleans Saints, was founded in 1966. Their name originates from the world famous jazz anthem, " When the Saints Go Marching in;" also, the name of the team was given in recognition of the city's Catholic population. We got the name because we were granted the team on All Saints Day

What do the saints say in before a game?

who dat

When did the Saints cheer Who Dat start?

Sometime possibly in the late 60's early 70's when the team first emerged, but it should be noted that the term "Who Dat?" is common slang in the south, especially in New Orleans, so the cheer version of it was most likely not new or exclusive to the Saints. Though there are some who claim the phrase in other states and say that New Orleans stole it from them, it's more believable that it started with Louisiana and the rest of the south since it is apart of everyday speech.

Who started the saying Who Day the Bengals or the Saints?

The Bengals fans say Who Day(or Dey) while the Saints fans say Who Dat!, so I guess the Bengals fans said "who day" first. But as for who started the chant first, it's been said that Who Dat! came first and that it didn't start with the Saints but with another school team in Louisiana. But a lot agree that it started in the south and not anywhere else because of the orgin of speech.Both "Who Dey" and "Who Dat" are grammatically incorrect, but seeing as people in Louisiana actually use who dat in everyday speech and not just in a chant;Example: Who dat said dat?, or Who dat at da do',or Who dat supposed to be?as opposed to people in Ohio using who dey only in their chant, it can be said that it most likely started with the southern state Louisiana. It's just more natural.

In which movie did Charlie Parker say Who dat say who dat when I say who dat?

Tarzan goes to NY

How do you say saints going to the Super Bowl in french?

les saints allant à la Superterrine

Will the New York Giants beat the New Orleans Saints?

New Yorkers say yes while New Orleanians say no.

How many times has saints won the packers?

Awww man who da say day gonna beat dem saints?!? Answer be niggity syx times yo.

How do you beat diealga in explorers of time?

ive heard ppl say dat they beat him with long range attacks and dig but u also need sleep seeds+reviver seeds+oran berarys hope this helps

Who will win against the saints or cardinals?

I am going to say the Saints. The way the Cardinals defense did against the Packers, i think Breeze will have a field day picking them apart!

What does dat wij mean in Dutch?

"dat wij" is Dutch for "that we". Like in: zij zeggen dat wij moeten gaan --> they say that we have to go.