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Ronnie Lott

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โˆ™ 2008-05-15 14:08:39
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Q: Who cut his finger off to play in Super Bowl?
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What former NFL player cut off his pinky so he could play in Super bowl?

Ronnie Lott

What is the answer to WFAN super bowl audio cut?

Harry Carson

Why did Ronnie lott cut his finger off before a game?

so he could play

How do you cut your finger off?

well the first thing that u want to do is make sure your finger is not breathing or talking. Get a plastic fork place it on your finger and there you go, cut the finger off. But only cut it off when there is no life in your finger.

When use happen to in a sentence?

Did you happen to watch the Super Bowl yesterday?If you happen to see Dad, could you remind him about the party?What will happen to those children if their mother goes to prison?I cut my finger on that new, sharp knife and I don't want that to happen to you.

When was The Cut-Glass Bowl created?

The Cut-Glass Bowl was created in 1920.

Does the finger print change after a cut on the finger?

No. A cut (or even several) on the finger does not change the whorls and ridges of a fingerprint enough to disguise a print.

How does bacteria enter a cut finger?

you might get bacteria with the object you used to cut your finger. the object may be dirty which has full of bacteria and then enters your cut. or when you have cut your finger you may have touched something dirty with lots of bacteria.

If you cut your finger what should you cover the cut with?

go to the hospital

Which finger did Wormtail cut off to fake his death?

His index finger

Can you contract HIV from a cut on the finger?

It is possible to contract HIV through a cut on a finger, but only if the cut comes in contact with an infected bodily fluid.

Did Hitler cut off his finger?


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