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The only player in Baseball to still wear number 42 is Mariano Rivera. After Mariano retires, the number 42 will never again be issued in Major League Baseball.

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Q: Who currently in MLB wears number 42?
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Who on the uconn basketball team wears jersey number 42?

No one currently does

Which New York Yankees player currently wears number 42?

Mariano Rivera still wears # 42. He is the last player in the league who will ever wear the number.

Who wears number 42 on the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Currently, rookie safety Da'Mon Cromartie-Smithwears #42 on the Steelers.

Who wears number 42 for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Safety Da'Mon Cromartie-Smith wears #42 for the Steelers. He is currently on the teams practice squad

Active baseball players who wear the number 42 on their jersey?

In the 2009 MLB season, only Mariano Rivera of the New York Yankees wears #42.

Who wears Mancunian republic jersey number 42?

Tyler Blackett wears jersey number 42 for mancunian republic.

Can major league baseball players wear number 42?

MLB permanently retired the #42 in 1997. However, they allowed anyone who was wearing #42 at the time to continue to wear it. Mariano Rivera of the Yankees is the only player wearing #42 currently as he was in MLB at the time of its retirement. Once he retires, no one will ever again wear the #42 in MLB.

Is number 42 retired in all the MLB?

Yes, MLB retired the number on April 15, 1997 in honor of the 50th anniversary of Jackie Robinson's first game in MLB. However, anyone who was wearing #42 at that time could continue to wear it until they retired. There were a few players that continued to wear the number that included Mo Vaughn of the Red Sox and Mariano Rivera of the Yankees. In the 2009 season, only one player wears the #42 and that is Rivera. Once he retires no other MLB player will wear the #42.

Which first team player currently wears the number 42 jersey at Manchester United?

French midfielder Paul Pogba currently wears the number 42 jersey. He joined Manchester United in 2009 from French side Le Havre. He was a product of the Le Havre youth system and went on to join the youth set up at Manchester United.

Who is the MLB number 42?

That is my number i never knew i was that good at baseball

Which New York Yankees player was the last ever to wear number 42?

Currently, Yankees closer Mariano Rivera wears #42. He will be the last player in baseball to ever wear the #42, due to the number being retired in honor of Jackie Robinson.

What New York Yankee was the last player ever to wear number 42?

Currently, Yankees closer Mariano Rivera wears number 42. Mariano is the last day to day player to wear that number in Major League baseball, and upon his retirement or change of number, will be the last to ever wear the number 42.

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