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Men and Boys, but not Women because they would be killed if they tried.

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the only people that could compete in the ancient Olympic games were boys and if a girl was any were near and got spotted they will have there heads chopped of!

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Q: Who could compete in the 776 Olympic games?
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When and where did the first Olympics games begin?

The first Olympic games were held in Olympia, Greece in 776 BC.

When did the ancient Olympic Games start?

776 BCE.

When were the earliest Olympic Games held?

776 BC

What date was the first ancient Olympics?

the date of the first olimpycs were on 776 bc

When did sports begin?

776 B.C. were the first Olympic games where athletes all over the world would compete.

When did the Olympic Games first take place?

In 1896 for modern, 776 BCE for ancient.

In what year was the first olympic games held at?

776 b.C.

When was the first olympic games held in greece?

776 BC

When were the Greek Olympic Games first held?

776 B.C.

When were the world's first Olympic Games held?

776 BCE.

Who idea it was to start the olympic games?

The Greeks in 776 BC.

When did discus become part of the olympic games?

776 BC