Who controls the game netball?

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A game of Netball is controlled by two umpires one on each side of the court.
a compier

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Q: Who controls the game netball?
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What does a referee do in netball?

*umpire In netball, the umpire controls the game by picking up breaches of the rules of the game. These include stepping, obstruction, contact, replay and intimidation. (I think that's all of them)

Is netball a team game?

Yes, Netball is a team game.

How did the game netball reach Jamaica?

who develop the game of netball in jamaica

How many netball substitutes can you have in a game?

You can have only three substitutes in a netball game.

What is the name given to the official who controls a netball match?


Is netball a female game?

Netball is predominantly a game for females, however men can play too. There are both mixed and mens leagues.

How many quarters are there in a Netball game?

There are 4 quarters for netball

How many people umpire a netball game?

usually 2. They stand at different sides of the court to one an other. One umpire controls one half and the other umpire controls the other half.

What are the equipment used in netball?

a netball. that is it, although you could count netball posts but there is absolutaly no other equipment used in a game of netball

How can netball benefit someone?

netball keeps you fit and it is a friendly game.

What is the role of a referee in netball?

Netball doesn't have referees they have umpires. Their role is to rule on the plays in a game. If an umpire controls the game very strictly it can slow the game down which can have an impact on the players and enjoyment to spectators. A good umpire will arbitrate on rules allowing some leniency, enabling a fast and smooth game...which makes for an exciting spectacle.

How netball works?

netball is just a game so fun but others like to see it as a game they hate

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