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Iker Casillas-32 goals conceded

Petr Cech-34 goals conceded

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Q: Who concede more goal last season cech vs casillas?
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The best goal keeper?

Iker casillas

Who is the best goal keeper in the history?


Who is 2009 best goal keeper?

petr cech

Who is the Spain's goal keeper in soccer?

Iker Casillas

Has petr cech scored a goal?

yes verses Barcelona

Who is the tallest goal keeper in the premier league?

Petr Cech

Who is the 2nd best goal kepper?

First of all, you'd have to define the best keeper in the world. The best keepers would be, Julio Cesar, Gianluigi Buffon, Victor Valdez, Petr Cech and Iker Casillas.

Who is the goal keeper for the Spanish football team?

Iker Casillas

Did casillas score any goal in south Africa 2010?

no, he is a goalie

Is Iker Casillas Chelsea's goal keeper?

No he is the Real Madrid goalkeeper

What was the Best soccer goal from a goalkeeper?

LKER CASILLAS is the 2010 best goal keeper

Who is the best goal keeper in world history?

Top 5 Really Good Goalkeepers 1.vincent enyeama 2. Richard Kingson 3.Julio Cesar 4. Sergio Romero 5. Iker Casillas