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There is no other team close to the Yankees in World Series wins. The Yankees have 27 and the second place team is the St. Louis Cardinals with 10.

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Q: Who comes close in World Series wins with the New York Yankees?
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What stadium has the most world series game been played?

Yankees StadiumNo longer in existence the New York Yankees, Yankees Stadium had the most World series games played. A Total of 39 World Series was played there. The Yankees won 26 World Championships of the 39 played there. No other Major League Stadium even comes close to that.

What baseball team comes second to the Yankees in worlds series victorys?

The St. Louis Cardinals are second with 10 World Series won, the last one coming in 2006.

What is the best record to ever win the World Series?

The best regular season winning percentage of a team to win the World Series is .724 (110-42) by the 1909 Pittsburgh Pirates. Next comes the 1927 New York Yankees at .714 (110-44). The 1998 Yankees were .704 (114-48) and the 1939 Yankees were .702 (106-45).

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