Who coached the packers in 1999?

Updated: 12/13/2022
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Mike Holmgren.

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Q: Who coached the packers in 1999?
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Who coached the packers?

Mike Mcharthy

Who coached Packers before Raymond McLean?


Who coached the Green Bay Packers before Lombardi?


Who coached Super Bowl 2?

Vince Lombardi, Packers - John Rauch, Raiders Packers won

Who coached the packers when they won the their first super bowl?

Vince Lombardi.

Which teams has Turner Gill coached?

Turner Gill has coached at University of Nebraska, University of Buffalo, University of Kansas and Liberty University. He has also coached the Green Bay Packers.

What was vince lombardi's home address when he coached the packers?

505 hagen road, wi

Who was the Green Bay Packers first coach?

Earl "Curly" Lambeau was the Green Bay Packers (ACME Packers) first coach. He coached the team from 1919 to 1949.

Who coached the Denver Nuggets in 1999?

Mike D'Antoni and Dan Issell coached the Denver Nuggets

How long did vince lombardi coach for?

15 years Lombardi coached the packers from 1959 season through the 1967 season (9 years). He then coached the redskins in 1969. Ten years total.

Who coached the Georgetown Hoyas after John Thompson Sr?

John Thompson JR coached the hoyas from 1972-1999.Craig Esherick - 1999-2004John Thompson III - 2004-present

Who coached the team that won the Stanley cup in 1999?

Ken Hitchcock