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Three Denver Broncos head coaches have taken the team to the Super Bowl. Here are the coaches and the results (victories in bold):

  • Super Bowl XII (Red Miller) -- Dallas Cowboys 27, Denver 10.
  • Super Bowl XXI (Dan Reeves) -- New York Giants 39, Denver 20.
  • Super Bowl XXII (Dan Reeves) -- Washington Redskins 42, Denver 10.
  • Super Bowl XXIV (Dan Reeves) -- San Francisco 49ers 55, Denver 10.
  • Super Bowl XXXII (Mike Shanahan) -- Denver 31, Green Bay Packers 21.
  • Super Bowl XXXIII (Mike Shanahan) -- Denver 34, Atlanta Falcons 19.
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Tony Dungy.

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tony dungy

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Q: Who coached the colts in the past Super Bowls?
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