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Terry Bowden became Dye's successor on December 17, 1992. Undefeated and untied (11-0) in his first year, he won 73% of all his games. He resigned in the middle of 1998 and was succeeded by defensive coach Bill Oliver who only lasted one more season. Tommy Tuberville, who currently coaches the Tigers has been their coach since 1999.

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Q: Who coached auburn football after pat dye?
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Pat Dye began as an assistant at Alabama between 1965-1973. His first head coaching job was at East Carolina (1974-1979) where his record was 48-18-1. He spent one year at Wyoming (1980) with a 6-5 record before moving to Auburn (1981-1992) and compiling a 99-39-4 record.

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Auburn played in the 1984 Sugar Bowl not in the 1983 one. The Penn State Nittany Lions beat my favorite team the Georgia Bulldogs 27 - 23 in the 1983 sugar Bowl. The answer to your question about the Auburn kicker is Al Del Greco who made kicks of 31, 32 and 19 yards to seal the win for Auburn. At the time the game was played Auburn was ranked 3rd while Michigan was ranked 8th. The teams were coached by Pat Dye (Auburn @ 10 - 1) and Bo Schembechler (Michigan @ 9 - 2) and Bo Jackson was the games MVP.

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