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Eddie Robinson.

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Q: Who coached Grambling University's Tigers for 56 years to set a college-football record of 408 wins?
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When was Grambling State Tigers football created?

Grambling State Tigers football was created in 1928.

Is the grambling state tigers football team ranked number one in the swac?

Yes. Through 8 games of the 2010 season, Grambling is first in the West Division with a 7-0 conference record and a 7-1 overall record. They are the only undefeated team in the SWAC.

Who coached the LSU Tigers football team in the '50s?

Gus Tinsley 1948-1954 Paul Dietzel 1955-1961

Who coached Richmond in 1980?

Tony Jewell was the Richmond coach in 1980, during the season he lead the Tigers to their 10th VFL Premiership.He also won a premiership with the Tigers as a player in 1967.

Who coached the 1968 Detroit Tigers?

Manager of the 1968 Tigers was Mayo Smith. Coaches were Johnny Sain, Wally Moses, hal Naragon, and Tony Cuccinello.

Who coached the Detroit Tigers during the World Series in 1986?

The Detroit Tigers didn't play in the 1986 World Series. Their last World Series appearance was in 1984 when they beat the San Diego Padres, 4 games to 1. The Tigers' manager in 1984 was Sparky Anderson.

What has the author Denny Dressman written?

Denny Dressman has written: 'Eddie Robinson' -- subject(s): African American football coaches, Grambling State Tigers (Football team), Football coaches, Biography, History

Who coached Richmond in 1969?

Tom Hafey coached Richmond in 1969, and he lead them to their seventh VFL Premiership in the same year over Ron Barassi's Carlton, 12.13 (85) to 8.12 (60).It was his second premiership as coach of the Tigers, his first was in 1967 and he also lead Richmond to a further two premierships in 1973 and 1974, he was rewarded for his contributions to Richmond with a life membership and a AFL Hall of Fame induction in 1996.

Where is Doug Williams the only Black Quarterback to win the Super Bowl?

Through Super Bowl XLIV, Doug is the only black QB to start and win a Super Bowl. He is the head coach of the Tigers in the 2012 season, having come back to Grambling in 2011 after being the head coach between 1998-2003.

Who are the Massillon Tigers?

More on the tigers and talk about them at http://www.massillontigerslair.commassillontigerslair.comThey are a high school football team in the northeast. There was a documentary done on them by the Independant Film Channel on cable.AnswerA highschool football team from Massillon, Ohio. Paul Brown once coached here, Chris Spielman played here and was featured on the Wheaties box. More information about the Massillon Tigers can be found at the community website http://www.massillonproud.comGO TIGERS!AnswerThe Massillon Tigers are a high school football team located in Massillon, Ohio. Massillion is about 45 minutes south of Akron and just west of Canton, Ohio and is most known for sports. The high school's name is Massillon Washington High School.Websites for more detailed information

Are Sumatran tigers the smallest tigers?

Yes, the Sumatran tigers are the smallest tigers in the world.

Who are the white tigers mutual with?

Siberian tigers Siberian tigers