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The IOC has a bid in which cities apply and the IOC announces the wining city about seven years before the Olympics are held there.

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Q: Who chooses the next host for the olympic games and how?
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Who chooses the next host city for the Olympic Games?

The IOC chooses it.

Who chooses the next host and how?

Each Country get famous sports personalities to campaign on why their country should host the Olympic games. then the Olympic committee decide.

Who chooses the next host for the olympicgames and how?

Cities interested in hosting the Olympic Games submit a bid to the International Olympic Committee. The bids are evaluated by the committee who then makes the choice of the host city.

Who organised the Olympics?

There is an International Olympic Committee that chooses a city to host the upcoming games. The city that is hosting the next games, organizes it.

Who chooses were the next olympic games are held?

By the united nations

What coutry will host the next olympic games in 2012?

The next Olympic Games will be held at the United Kingdom, London.

What country will host next Olympic games?

Brazil in 2015

Who will be the next host of the summer Olympic games in 2012?

London, Great Britain.

What city will host the next olympic games in 2016?

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Why are the Olympic games being passed onto London again?

The Olympic games are being passed onto London during the closing ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic games as London are next to host the Olympics in 2012.

Where is the next Olympic games after Beijing?

After the olympic games in Beijing the next olympic games are in London, England in 2012

Which city will host the next winter Olympic games and in which year?

The 2014 Winter Olympics will be held in Sochi, Russia.