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It was offensive guard Herbert Scott, who was not an eligible receiver. Staubach and the Cowboys were trying to pull off a last-second victory over the Los Angeles Rams in a 1979 playoff game, but Scott's inadvertent catch ended the game. The Rams won, 21-19.

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Joe Namath's last NFL TD pass was a 13 yarder to Lawrence McCutcheon in the 2nd quarter of the game played September 25, 1977 between the Los Angeles Rams and Philadelphia Eagles. The Rams won 20-0.

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TE John Hilton.

Hilton caught Starr's final TD pass on December 6, 1970 in the 4th quarter of the Packers game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, won by the Packers 20-12. It went for 65 yards.

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Gary Fencik

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Q: Who caught the last pass thrown by Roger Staubach in Roger Staubach's last pro football game?
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