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Expos shortstop Orlando Cabrera popped out to Yankees third baseman Scott Brosius in foul territory about 35 feet down the line from home plate for the final out in David Cone's perfect game on July 18, 1999.

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Q: Who caught the last out of David Cone's perfect game?
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Who caught the last fly ball out of David Wells' perfect game?

Paul O'Neill

Who caught last fly ball of david wells perfect game?

Paul O'Neill. Right fielder O'Neill caught a fly ball off the bat of Minnesota Twins shortstop Pat Meares to end the game and secure Wells perfect game on May 17, 1998.

When did David Cone's perfect game happen?

David Cone's perfect game happened in 1999.

What is a ticket stub from David Cones perfect game worth?

It is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. I sold a David Wells pefect game ticket the year before for almost $500. It wasnt even a full mint condition ticket either.

What was the last perfect game pitched before Randy Johnson's perfect game?

David Cone's in '99

How many strikeouts did David Wells have in his perfect game?

In David Wells' perfect game on May 17, 1998, he struck out 11 Minnesota Twins batters.

Who were the catchers for the New York Yankees no hitters?

Les Nunamaker caught George Mogridge's April 24, 1917 no-hitter Fred Hofman caught Sad Sam Jones September 4, 1923 no-hitter Joe Glenn caught Mote Pearson's August 27, 1938 no-hitter Yogi Berra caught Allie Reynolds's July 12 and September 28, 1951 no-hitters Yogi Berra caught Don Larsen's perfect game on October 8, 1956 Butch Wynegar caught Dave Righetti's July 4, 1983 no-hitter Matt Nokes caught Jim Abbott's September 4, 1993 no-hitter Joe Girardi caught Dwight Gooden's May 14, 1996 no-hitter Jorge Posaga caught David Well's perfect game on May 7, 1998 Joe Girardi caught David Cone's perfect game on July 18, 1999

Who caught the second out of the David Cone's perfect game in the ninth inning?

With one out in the 9th inning, pinch hitter Ryan McGuire flew out to Ricky Ledee in left field.

Who was catcher in David Cone's perfect game?

Joe Girardi.

What Yankee pitched the last perfect game?

David cone

Who has caught the most perfect games?

Ron Hassey is the only catcher in Major League Baseball history to catch more than one perfect game. Hassey has caught two perfect games.May 15, 1981Ron Hassey caught Len Barker's perfect game for the Cleveland Indians. They beat the Toronto Blue Jays 3-0. There were only 7,290 in attendance that night at Cleveland Stadium.June 28, 1991Ron Hassey caught Dennis Martinez's perfect game for the Montreal Expos. They beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 2-0.

What year did david wells pitch his perfect game?

May 17, 1998