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After being lit in a ceremony in Greece, the Olympic torch is carried through relay, to the country that is hosting the Olympics for the year. It is passed from runner to runner, until the final runner is revealed at the opening ceremony.

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The team chooses an athlete to carry the flag in the Olympics. It can be anybody.

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8 People carry it into the stadium unfolded.

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under ground

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Q: Who carried the 2012 Olympic torch into the stadium?
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Who carried the 2012 torch?

david beckham and jedward have carried the olympic torch

When will the torch reach the 2012 olympic stadium?

tonight! (27th of july)

How many holes in torch?

It has 8,000 holes in the Olympic torch 2012

What stadium will the 2012 olympic games be held?

City of Coventry Stadium, Millennium Stadium, Wembley Stadium, Olympic Stadium.

How much progress has the 2012 Olympic stadium had?

the olympic stadium has had about 90% progress

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What colur is the 2012 olympic torch?


What stadium is the 2012 Olympic games taking place?

CIty of Coventry Stadium, Millennium Stadium, Olympic Stadium, Wembley Stadium.

How many seats are in the Olympic Stadium for 2012?

The Olympic Stadium has a seating capacity of 80,000.

Who will deliver the torch to the stadium 2012?

Megan Fox

What date did Labrinth run with the Olympic torch?

Labrinth ran through Brent with the Olympic torch on the 25th July 2012.