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Amir sohail

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Q: Who captained Pakistan in the 1996 World cup quarter final match against India?
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Who captained the Pakistan team in the 1996 quarter-final encounter against India when the regular captain Wasim Akram withdrew on the eve of the match following a finger injury?

It was Amir so hail.

Who played the four test for India in 1930 but has a son and two nephews who captained Pakistan?

who played four test for india in 1930s and has sons and two nephews who captained pakistan

When did Pakistan have its first war against India?

in 1948

Who captained India-A cricket team tour of England?

Cheteshwar Pujara captained India-A cricket team tour of England

Who captained India -A cricket team in tour England?

Cheteshwar Pujara captained India-A cricket team in tour England.

Who was captain of India's cricket team which visited Pakistan in 1953?

To correct the question slightly, the tour of the 1952-53 season, India's first set of International cricket matches against Pakistan, took place in India, not Pakistan. Lala Amarnath served as the Test captain for India's first five Test matches against Pakistan.

Which side is better in cricket India or Pakistan?

They have played against each other many times Pakistan has beaten them 88 times and India has beat Pakistan 56 times.

Who captained India in the India - England ODI at Kochi in 2006?


Why did Pakistan fight against India in 1947?

There is no evidence, that Pakistan had a war with India in 1947. The first was between these two countries took place in 1948.

Why did US put a ban on trade against India and Pakistan?


Pakistan played first cricket test match against which country?

Pakistan played it's first test match against India in 1952.

Who won the world t20 competition?

2007- India won against Pakistan by 5 runs. 2009- Pakistan won against Srilanka by 8 wickets.