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The late Bobby Moore was captain of England in 1966.

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Q: Who captained England in 1966?
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Who captained England and was born in 1966?

David Platt

Who captained England 1966 World Cup?

The captain of England in the 1966 world cup is Sir Bobby Moore.

Who captained the England 1966 world cup team?

Bobby Moore

Who captained England to win the World cup football in 1966?

The late, great Bobby Moore.

Who captained India-A cricket team tour of England?

Cheteshwar Pujara captained India-A cricket team tour of England

Who captained India -A cricket team in tour England?

Cheteshwar Pujara captained India-A cricket team in tour England.

Who captained England to win the ashes in 1986-87?

Mike Gatting captained England in 1986-87 Ashes Series.

Who captained Portugal in 1966 world cup?

It was the grear Eusibo.

Who captained England at both rugby and cricket?


Who captained England before beckham?

Martin Keown

How many Australians have captained England cricket?


How many times did Bobby Moore captain England?

Sir Bobby Moore had 106 caps for England , and might have captained England about 35 times. Sir Bobby Moore captained England 90 times and is the joint record holder with Billy Wright.

Who captained England to their Ashes win in 2005?

maichale waughn

When was the last time bobby Moore captained England?

In 1970.

Who captained England in the 1986 world cup?

Peter Shilton

Who captained England to victory in the ashes in Australia?

Mike Gatting

Who was Captained second circumnavigation of the world for England?

Francis drake

Which brothers captained opposing soccer teams in England?

The Neville brothers.

Who captained India in the India - England ODI at Kochi in 2006?


Who captained England to Ashes series wins at home and away?

Michale Vaughan was the captian of england team when england won the ashes at home.

Who captained England for the Centenary Cricket Test Series in 1977?

Tony Greig

Who captained the aboriginal cricket team that toured England in 1988?

Ian King

Who captained the Australian cricket team that toured England in 1988?

arthur frail

Who captained England the only time they won the world cup?

Bobby Moore

Who captained India-a cricket team tour of England-2010?

Cheteshwar Pujara