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Frank Lampard

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Q: Who captained Chelsea in the Champions League Final win against Bayern Munich in 2012?
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Which years did Chelsea win the champions league?

Chelsea won the champions league in 2012 against Bayern Munich.

Which team did Chelsea beat in the final to win the Champions League?

Chelsea beat Bayern Munich to lift the Champions League in 2012. They overcame Bayern Munich on penalties.

Who is thΓ© champions of UEFA 2011-2012?

Chelsea FC won UEFA 2012 against Bayern Munich.

What year did Chelsea FC win the Champions League?

They won on 19th May 2012 in penalty shoot-out against Bayern Munchen

Who will win the Champions league 1920 2012?

The 2012 Champions League will be won by either Bayern or Chelsea. but Chelsea seem to have a higher chance.

When was the match Chelsea against Bayern MΓΌnchen?


Who is in the 2012 UEFA Champions League Final?

Chelsea Football Club Bayern Munich

How many corner kicks did Chelsea play against Bayern Munich in the first 90 minutes of the 2012 UEFA Champions League Final?


Who won the Champions League in 2012?

Chelsea FC. THE SCORE: Chelsea 1-1 Bayern Munich (Chelsea win 3-4 on pens.)

Does the goalkeeper kick in the Kicks from the Mark tiebreaker?

Yes indeed. In fact, Manuel Neuer (Goalkeeper of Bayern Munich) actually scored a penalty for Bayern in the Champions League Final against Chelsea in the penalty shootout!

What other countries did Manchester united play for the champions league final?

They won against Chelsea (UK), Benefica (POR) & Bayern Munich (GER) but they lost against Barcelona (SPA)

Who has won the champions league then played for Manchester united?

Owen Hargreaves won the Champions League with Bayern Munich and later started against Chelsea for Man Utd in the Champions League final, thereby winning his second winner's medal.

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