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No. Only a player with goalkeeping priveleges may use their feet or body to stop the ball, and only within their defensive circle. Players must use their stick otherwise.

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No, only the goalkeeper, and even then their gloves prevent them holding the ball.

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There is a rulebook for hand hockey in the United Kingdom, both 1vs 1 and 3 vs 3 games.

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Lifting the ball off the ground

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The Goalie

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Q: Who can use their feet arms and body to stop the ball in field hockey?
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What team member can use feet arms and body to stop the ball in hockey?

The goalie

What is a forehand in field hockey?

Using the stick in the usual manner, with the stick and ball on the right hand side of the body.

Can You block people with your body deliberately to get the ball in hockey?


How do you play field hockey?

it really depends. you basicly get a stick and try and get the ball into the oppositions play field hockey on the feild and there r many rules1- you cant touch the ball with your feet2- you can not obstruct (use your body to block your stick and the ball)3- you can not hack4- you can not double team the ballthese r just the ofur main rules of feild hockeyplease add any i missed

What does it mean for a player to trap the ball?

In soccer, it means to legally catch the ball with your body. In Field Hockey, trapping is catching the ball by pinning it between the stick and the ground, after which the player can move with the ball. In US football, it means that a forward pass is ruled incomplete because the player did not cleanly catch the pass, but caught it between his body and the ground.

What are 5 major parts in the body used in hockey?

Five major body parts used in hockey include, arms, legs, brain, eyes and fingers. Hockey players use many parts of their body to be successful.

What does FIH stand for in hockey?

In field hockey, FIH stands for Federation Internationale de Hockey (International Hockey Federation) and is the ruling body of international hockey.

In field hockey play is in the circle so is the umpire an attacker hits the ball it comes off the umpires foot and enters the goal what is given?

In this situation the goal SHOULD BE AWARDED. The umpire's body and equipment are part of the field of play, and if the ball strikes them, play continues regardless.

Why did they cancel field hockey from the Olympics?

Field hockey was removed from the 1924 Games because there was no single international governing body for the sport. It was replaced to the Olpympics in 1928 when the FIH had been founded.

How do you save a goal in field hockey?

Legitimately prevent the ball from passing over the goalline beneath the crossbar. this might mean deflecting it with your stick, goalkeeper's pads or body, or trap it and clear it away from the goal.

The governing body of international hockey?

The International Ice Hockey Federation is the name of the governing body that oversees ice hockey events. It is also known as the IIHF and consists of at least 70 members.

What is other part of the body may you use to touch the ball?

Any part of the body except the hands or arms.