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Anyone who has the tank, gun and paint in separate containers in any vehicle.

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Q: Who can transport paintball guns and in what type of vehicle?
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What type of paintball does and m16 paintball gun take?

Regular .68 caliber paintballs, all standard guns do. Also there is no "m16 paintball gun" , only guns that look like it.

Are airsoft guns the same as bb guns?

No. Airsoft is a type of sport like paintball so airsoft guns you can shoot people. but please shoot responsibly.

Where on the sunshine coast can you buy a paintball gun?

on the internet. go to google type "paintball guns" click a website, find one you like and buy it.

What would you use a CCI Phantom for?

A CCI Phantom is a paintball gun. Paintball guns are used to play the game of paintball. You can learn more about Paintball at the Wikipedia. Once on the page, type "Paintball" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the information.

What type of information can be found on the PBNation website?

The PBNation website is focused around the sport of paintball. PBNation provides information on various paintball guns as well as many reviews on paintball locations. The site also has paintball stories, and even has a forum.

What type of rails do spyder paintball guns have?

It depends on the Model, but most have 7/8 weaver rail.

Best way to transport a vehicle?

Best way to transport vehicle actually is to contact the specialized company and just pay for their services. You can try this one There are several method to transport vehicles depend on what type of vehicle you want to transport and where is the drop city to go. The most popular way is by using open carriers or in other word is a freight truck, this one is the cheapest method offered by vehicle transport company. Another type of auto transport is enclosed transport which is more costly but worth especially if you want the safest way to move your vehicle..

What caliber do paintball guns shoot?

it depends what type of marker you are using 99% percent of the time it will be .68 cal but you can find .43 and .50 cal markers.

What is the best paintball gun for starters?

The best guns for beginners are the beginner teir mechanical Tippmann and spyder-type guns. This includes all Tippmann 98 types like the BT4 and Sypder clones like the azodin Kaos.

What type of vehicle is the M35A2?

The type of Vehicle which the M35A2 is is the military cargo truck. THis type of vehicle is used to transport important goods under military conditions like war, this is why it has to be durable, strong and well protected at all times.

Can you transport your paintball gun on a train?

Yes, as long as it's properly covered, and you'll need some type of letter from the government etc if you want to take it internationally.

What type of noun is vehicle?

The noun 'vehicle' is a singular, common noun, concrete noun, a word for a thing used to transport people or things.

In the experiment that tested which type of paintball gun shot paintballs furthest what was the independent variable?

type of paintball marker

What paintball guns do delta force use?

Generally most armed forces and police units do not use paintball gear for training (as they use Simunition, a type of frangible projectile similar in concept to paintballs but are designed to be used in real-world firearms). However in some cases there are instances the US Army is shown in some documentaries to have been using Tippmann's "US Army" branded paintball markers.

How much does paintball guns cost?

A paintball maker aka gun can cost anywhere from $50 to $2,000 depending on the type you get. Tippmann is the best gun for it's price at around $150-$300. Anything below $150 is usually very cheap unless it's Tippmann you can get as many as you want for 1 penny

How does one usually transport a vehicle overseas?

One usually transport a vehicle overseas by contracting with an automobile shipping agency that specializes in this type of transportation. Usually shippers offer different prices so it is best to shop around for the best shipper.

In the experiment testing which type of paintball marker shot paintballs farthest what was the dependent variable?

The dependent variable in this experiment would be the type of paintball marker. You must make sure you keep the other variables constant. Meaning using the exact same barrel, propellant and paintball types. If you use different setups on each, you have not proven that the marker itself was the key determining factor.

What type of carrier vehicle is usually used to transport large amounts of firewood?

The typical type of vehicle used to carry large amounts of firewood is a heavyweight log and firewood carrier. This is either articulated on a train or a truck.

What type of paint ball marker looks good for about 400?

All paintball guns have the same "power" since they are regulated at fields. As for "looks" there are milsim markers like the x7 or speedball markers like G4.

What is paintball also called?

Sometimes paintball is know as a specific type of game, such as woodsball or speedball.

Which paintball places allow CO2?

All paintball parks allow co2, just based on the fact that its the most common type of air used for paintball.

Where to go paintballing?

Just type in paintball to any search engine, and find a paintball field near you.

Which type of paintball marker shot paint balls farthest what was the independent variable?

The distance the paintball went.

Are all paintball gun parts the same?

No, the majority of paintball parts will only fit the type or series of markers they were designed for. This being said most series have some interchangeable parts, like the Tippmann 98, A5 and X7 all use the same guide rail, main spring, detents, front bolt, trigger pins and sear. Between the majority of paintball guns, the ASA, Regulators and macro lines are able to be switched with one another.

What type of guns did they use for genocide?

what type of guns did they use for genocide