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someone who likes balls

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Q: Who came up with the idea to play with a ball shaped like a football?
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Who was the kid to suggest the name for basketball?

I'm sure that came from the fact that when basketball was created, the ball (then a soccer ball or football ball) was supposed to be shot into empty peach baskets, left behind by fruit pickers. James Naismith then apparently came up with the idea and named it after the goal of the game: shooting the ball into the basket, hence, basketball.

Who came up with the idea of a soccer ball?

juan mercado in Spain in1886

'Why are footballs the shape they are?

A football is shaped as a prolate spheroid. This shape was chosen 1) to help the players grip the ball better, and 2) to hep with passing the football. It is more aerodynamic than the pre-1934 footballs, which were larger with blunter ends. The smaller size and stretched out spheroid shape made the ball easier to grip and throw,

Who came up with the idea of football teams?

The person generally credited with the game that developed into the North American Football is William Webb Ellis.

Where did Harvey Ross Ball get the idea for smiley faces?

Accorging to the movie Forrest GUMP, the idea came about by Forrest wiping his face on a towel leaving an impression giving KEATS the idea.

How much is an autographed saints football worth?

Depends on the ball, who signed, and who's buying if that's wat ur gonna do

What shaped up Miley Cyrus life to be Hannah Montana?

It was an idea her father came up with so she could have a TV show and he sold it to Disney.

What is euro ball i have to play it at school and i have no idea what it is?

I've never heard of it. I tried 'googling' it and came up with no results related to sports. I feel it's safe to assume it is a sport that your school came up with. My high school has done the same thing. We have a game called mat ball, which is like an intense game of kickball with other factors thrown in. We also have some strange game that incorporates basketball, soccer, and football.

If you drop a football into a body of water will it affect the football?

Yes, depending on how long the ball is in the water. It will slowly damage the leather and mess up the seams. It's a better idea to keep it in a dry place. :)

Where did the idea for Facebook came from?

It came from the creators idea and perspective.

Where did the idea of Dragon Ball Z came from?

welll what i know of is that dragonball is a manga series written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama ,and that Dragon Ball was inspired by the classical Chinese novel Journey to the West.Hope this helped:)

What is the company whose name is taken from The idea came from a TV report about football players taking ballet lessons to improve balance and coordination?