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My Dad George who was owned by Raymond M. Curtis came in second to Dust Commander in the 1970 Kentucky Derby.

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Q: Who came in second at the 1970 Kentucky Derby and who was the owner?
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Who won the Kentucky Derby in 1970?

A horse named Dust Commander won the 1970 Kentucky Derby.

What horse won the 1970 derby?

The 1970 Kentucky Derby winner was Dust Commander

Who is the first female jockey to ride in th Kentucky Derby?

Diane Crump rode Fathom in the 1970 Kentucky Derby

What horses have won the Kentucky Derby since 1970?


What was the date of the 1970 Kentucky Derby?

May 2nd was the date of the 1970 Kentucky Derby. It was the first Saturday of the month. It was 96th time that the Derby had been held since its inaugural run on May 17, 1875.

First woman to ride in the Kentucky Derby in 1970?

Diane Crump

Who was the first female jockey to ride in the Kentucky Derby?

Diane Crump in 1970.

What horse won the Kentucky Derby in 1970?

Dust Commander ridden by Mike Manganello.

What female raced in the Kentucky Derby in the early 1970's and whose injuries sustained in that race caused her death?

I think your talking about Ruffian, but she wasn't in the Kentucky Derby and was put down after the match race against the 1975 Kentucky Derby winner, Foolish Pleasure.

Who was the first women to jockey to ridein the Kentucky Derby?

Diane Crump in 1970 rode Fathom

Which horse won the 2000 Kentucky Derby?

Fusaichi Pegasus [foaled April12, 1997] was the winning horse in the 2007 Kentucky Derby. His winning jockey was Kent Jason Desormeaux [February 27, 1970]. The horse's unusual name, which combines his owner's first name and that of the winged horses of ancient Greek legends, often is shortened affectionately to 'FuPeg'.

How fast did Secretariat run the Kentucky Derby?

A time of 1 minute 59-2/5 seconds is what it took Secretariat [March 30, 1970 - October 4, 1989] to run the 1973 Kentucky Derby. From the first Derby of May 17, 1875 until the most recent of May 3, 2010, Secretariat's time has been the fastest and the best. The second fastest, second best time was the 1 minute 59-4/5 second win by Monarchos [b. 1998] in 2001.

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