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I would say Serena Williams because it real. Nicki's butt has silicon in it

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Q: Who butt Serena Williams or Nicki minaj?
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Who has the biggest butt Nicki Minaj Jeniffer Lopez Beyonce or Kim Kardashian?

Nicki Minaj has the biggest butt. Kim Kardashian comes 2nd.

How does Nicki Minaj have a big bum?

Nicki Minaj has butt implants, her butt isnt real.

Who is better Ciara or Nicki Minaj?

Ciara can shake her Butt way better than Nicki Minaj

Is Nicki manj fake?

Nicki Minaj is not fake.Many say that Nicki Minaj has a fake butt and fake chest, but that is not enough to say that she is fake. Nicki Minaj even says she is a Barbie but she does not mean it.

What if you have a flat butt but want a bigger butt?

Be like Nicki Minaj and get a butt implant.

What is fake about Nicki Minaj?

well she has a fake nose , breast , and , butt .

What all did Nicki minaj get for plastic surgery?

Nicki Minaj has made no statement in regards to this.

Who has the biggest butt Serena or venus Williams?

Serena. By a long way

Who does drake love more Nicki minaj or rihanna?

he'd choose nicki because of her amazing butt !!

What type of butt pad does Nicki Minaj use?

Triple double D

Is Nicki Minaj's body fake?

Nicki Minaj is fake. She had a boob, butt, and nose job. .................................................................................. No nicki's body is not fake she has a boob jobb wow nearly every pop star has a boob job she has fake hair BUT not a nose job i dont know about her bottom her body is REAL

Does Rihanna like Nicki minaj?

sure. She even went on tour with her because they are going out look on the you-tube video it shows Rhianna hitting Niki minaj butt wow i know i loved it and Nicki said she the only one that get away of doing that