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Q: Who burned Kanes face?
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Was kanes face really burned?

no it was not it is all fake

Who burned kanes face by video?

Eric Bichoff

Was kanes face was really burned?

no it wasnt. it was just a storyline

What happened to kanes face?

Kane is a WWE wrestler who's actual name is Glen Jacobs. His face was scarred because he touched his family's funeral parlor and his face got burned.

Did undertaker burn Kane face?

no,kane burned kanes face.he set his house on fire when he was a kid and his face caught on fire when he was too close 2 the fire

What is Kanes old song called?

BURNED by wwe corperation

Did mankind burn Kanes face?


What is underneath Kanes mask?

Kane's face

How kanes face burn?

I doesn't technically, Its mostly fake.

What is the name of Kane's first theme song?

the name of kanes first theme is burned just Google Kane burned theme and and listen to how scary it is!!!!!!!!!!!!

What were the black things on kanes face of WWE when he unmaked?

makeup around his eyes to blend in with his mask.

How did Kane's Face get burned?

Kane's face hasn't burned. He simply wears a mask to hide hs face and prove he is dangerous. He doesn't have scars on his face.

How tall is Benjamin Kanes?

Benjamin Kanes is 5' 10".

Why did Voldemort's face change?

he was burned to death which melted his face

Who is Kanes best WWE friend or?

kanes best freind is his mom

How did Kane the wrestler get burned?

His brother The Undertaker burned their house, thinking his parents and brother died in the fire but it turned out Kane survived but burned his face. That is the storyline, in real life kane's face has never been burned

What is Kane's real?

kanes real name is glenn thomas jacobs.and he is 42 years old.he is not married but he has a daughter.i would think that he got married and divorced after his burned face when away,i wonder what his daughter must think?he is only half brothers with the undertaker,so all those stories aout their mom and dad being together and being burned together,thats all a lie.they both had one mom but they had 2 diff dads!!

What is hyperbole for sun?

The sun was so bright it burned a hole in the ground.

Who sings Kanes new theme song?

actually finger 11 does kanes theme song

When was Benjamin Kanes born?

Benjamin Kanes was born on March 25, 1977, in Haverford, Pennsylvania, USA.

Is Matt Dillon's face burned?

No, only in the movie Employee of the month.

Is undertakers mom or dad married to Kanes mom or dad?

Yes kanes dad is married to undertakers mom @_@

What does the Hawaiian word Kanes mean in English?

Males or Boys. Wahines and Kanes. Women and Men. Girl and boy

How does two face get half of his face burned?

OK this is what happened he was in the courtroom and a guy tossed aced at his face he covered 1/2 of his face with a folder.

What does idiom 'it was burned into your memory' mean?

If you are told that something was "burned into you memory," it means that you can vividly recall and event or image. For many people, the face of their mother or their childhood phone number is burned into their memories.