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Brett farve did

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Q: Who broke more quarterback records Peyton Manning or Brett Favre?
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Which quarterback has the most wins in 1st 5 years in NFL?

Peyton Manning

Older Brett Favre or Peyton Manning?

Brett Farve Brett Farve is 40 and Peyton Manning is 33

Is Brett Favre the oldest quarterback playing?

yes Brett favre is the best quarterback ever

Who's better Bret Favre or Peyton Manning?

Peyton Manning is better than Brett Favre

Who is 2nd after Brett Favre in starts?

Peyton Manning

How is Brett Favre better than Peyton Manning?

Brett Favre has more career touchdown passes and more career interceptions thrown than Peyton Manning

Is Peyton Manning a quarterback?

He actually isn't the best quarterback. Brett Favre played for the Green Bay Packers, New York Jets and the Minnesota Vikings and right now holds the record for best quarterback. Once Brett Favre retires Peyton Manning will become the best quarterback. As far as overall statics go, Favre is better, but he also has been in for 20 years, so its not really fair to say he is better then Manning at this point. once they are both retired (or after Manning's 20th season) you can make a fair comparison One can subjectively argue who is better ad nauseam, but if you're talking statistics, Farve has a lifetime quarterback rating of 86.0, whereas Manning has a lifetime rating of 94.9.

Is Peyton maning better than Brett Favre?

statistically yes peyton manning is better

Is Peyton Manning better than Bret?

This would be a matter of opinion. Both Peyton Manning and Brett Favre will one day be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Favre currently holds the passing records, but Manning could one day pass him. They are both great players.

Is Brett Favre the best quarterback in the NFL?

Ever or right now? I believe the best QB in football right now is Peyton Manning and the best QB ever is Joe Montana.

Whose record did Peyton Manning break for most yardage?

Brett Favre.

Who holds the most quarterback records?

Brett Farve