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Q: Who broke Pete Sampras record of maximum grand slams in tennis?
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Which Wimbledon winner stopped Pete Sampras's winning streak in 2001?

Roger Federer broke Sampras's streak at Wimbledon 2001 as a 20 year old, after Wimbledon 2009 Federer broke Sampras's record of Grand Slam titles after defeating Andy Roddick 5-7 7-6 7-6 3-6 16-14

Who broke the home run record?

Barry Bonds broke the record in the 20 century.

Who's record did Usain Bolt broke in the beljing oylmpics 2008?

He broke his own 100m record, the 200m record of Michael Johnson and the 4x100mR record of the USA.

Who broke Tony Dorsett' s record for NCAA Division 1 Rushing record?

UT's Ricky Williams broke the record (although he does not hold the current record).

What record has Lionel Messi broke?

Lionel broke the country record in scoring the perfect goal at the soccer match

Pirates player who almost broke babe ruth's record?

barry bonds..... wait he broke the record with 73 homeruns

How old is the person who broke the record of age?

the record of age is 112

What record did Phineas break in A Separate Peace?

He broke the swimming record.

Does Singapore have any landforms that broke the world record?

yeah, your mom broke them

Has Ghana broke any world records?

Ghana has broke a world record. The world record is the largest Chocolate Bar Ever.

Who holds the career interception record at the university of Michigan?

Tom Curtis. Ryan Leach broke that record with 35 in 1978 and Chad Henne broke that with 37 in 2007. Denard Robinson broke that record in 2012 with a total of 38.

Who held the 200m world record before Michael Johnson broke it in 1996?

When Johnson ran 19.32s he broke his own record of 19.66s which was also set in 1996. When he ran 19.66s he broke the record of Pietro Mennea which was 19.72s.

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