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Most maidens in test match career is a record held by Muthiah Muralitharan of Sri Lanka who overhauled Shane Warne's record only just as he retired couple of year later than Aussie legendry leg spinner. Anil Kumble of India thrived on Bowling line and length in his career and comes 3rd while no one will be susprized to see Glenn McGrath at fourth position although he played not many tests. Lance Gibbs had even shorter test career but bowled several maidens.

1794 maidens = Muthiah Muralitharan (SL), 133 tests, 800 wickets.

1761 maidens = Shane Warne (Australia), 145 tests, 708 wickets.

1576 maidens = Anil Kumble (India), 132 tests, 619 wickets.

1470 maidens = Glenn McGrath (Australia), 124 tests, 563 wickets.

1313 maidens = Lance Gibbs (West Indies), 79 tests, 309 wickets.

1239 maidens = Derek Underwood (England), 86 tests, 297 wickets.

1222 maidens = Shaun Pollock (South Africa), 108 tests, 421 wickets.

1144 maidens = Courtney Walsh (West Indies), 132 tests, 519 wickets.

1096 maidens = Bisen Singh Bedi (India), 67 tests, 266 wickets.

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Q: Who bowl maximum no of maiden over in test cricket?
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How many runs are scored off a maiden over?

A maiden over in cricket is defined as one in which no runs are scored.

What term do we use if there is no run scored in an over of cricket?

a maiden over

What does a madin over mean in cricket?

A maiden over is where no runs are scored.

What is the origin of the phrase 'maiden over' when referring to cricket?

A "maiden over" is one where no runs are scored. The word originates in Old English meaning young women or virgin and has developed from its original virginal meaning to also cover something new, clean or untouched (maiden voyage, outing, etc.). This latter meaning is actually used in other aspects of cricket to describe a player's first instance of an achievement (such as a batsman's first or "maiden" century).The phrase to bowl a maiden or just to bowl someone over meaning to overwhelm the batsman has been exported back out of cricket to general life. In reconnecting one of the original meanings of maiden the phrase became to mean to do something romantic and overwhelm a young girl and generally to overwhelm someone.

0 r in a m o?

0 (No) Runs in a Maiden Over (cricket)

Maiden over in cricket with wides and no balls?

A "maiden over" doesn't contain any runs scored of the bat, but also it must contain no wides or no balls.

Has anyone ever taken a 6-wicket maiden as the opening over of a cricket match?


Which Indian player bowled the first maiden over in T20 cricket?

R P singh

Who bowler have the record of maximum maiden over in ODI match?

glan mcgrath ......

What is meant by a maiden over in cricket?

A Maiden In Cricket Is when a bowler completes his over of six balls without conceding a run to the other team. A maiden is a very good thing to achieve and will boost teams chances of achieving their goals.

Who has completed an over in the shortest time in cricket?

Shahid Afridi in a record time of just 39 seconds and it was a maiden over