Who better ozil or kaka?

Updated: 12/12/2022
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Kaka is a better player, but he is out with a long time injury.

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Q: Who better ozil or kaka?
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Who Muslim footbaler in the word?

Kaka Zidane Ozil

Who is better kaka or iniesta?


Who is better Kaka or Messi?

messi by far is better!!

Who is better kaka or robinho?

of course kaka.

Who is better kaka or ronaldo fenomeno?

It is Kaka of course.

Is ozil better than snijder?

id say ozil he makes alot of passes

Is kaka better than ronaldo?

of coarse!.............kaka is been playing for real Madrid and his goals are far better than ronaldo!............but when we compare them both , i think both are equal.................but kaka is much more better than ronaldo

Is Ronaldihno better than Kaka?

well kaka is a fantasic player but ronaldiniho is much better honest

Who is better in your opinion - Kaka or Messi?

Messi is the beast Kaka is no good for Messi

Who is better mesut ozil or Torres?

torres is way better, are you kidding me.

Is xavi better than kaka?

They are both magnificent players but kaka is probaly the best.

Kaka is better or ronaldo?