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The Atlanta Braves defeated the Cubs in the 1998 NLDS, 3 games to 0.

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Q: Who beat the Cubs in the 1998 NL playoffs?
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Did the mets win the 1998 World Series?

The Mets did not even make it to the playoffs that year. The NL East champion was the Braves. The wild card team was the Chicago Cubs.

National league mvp 1998?

1998 NL MVP= Sammy Sosa, Chicago Cubs 1998 AL MVP= Juan Gonzalez, Texas Rangers

Who was baseballs most valuable player for the National League in 1998?

Sammy Sosa of the Chicago Cubs.

Baseball worst record to make playoffs?

The 1973 Mets won their division despite a record of only 82-79. The beat the favored Reds in the NL playoffs, and then nearly won the World Series, which went seven games, against the Oakland A's.

When was the last time the Cubs won their divison?

The Cubs last won the NL Central Division in 2008.

Was there a wildcard in the 2003 MLB playoffs?

Yes, there was. In 2003, the Boston Red Sox (AL) and the Florida Marlins (NL) were the wildcard teams. The Marlins went on to beat the New York Yankees in the World Series.

What was the Chicago Cubs win and loss record in 2007?

The Cubs finished first in the NL Central with a 85-77 record.

Which baseball teams play in Chicago?

The Cubs (NL) & White Sox (AL)

Will the Chicago Cubs win the NL Central this year?

The St. Louis Cardinals clinched the NL Central Division Championship on 9/26/2009.

Who won the NL Cy Young Award in 1984?

Rick Sutcliffe of the Chicago Cubs.

When was the first game of the Chicago Cubs?

In 1871 the Cubs was called the Chicago White Stockings and they played their 1st game on Monday, May 8, 1871 in the NA League. They beat Cleveland 14-12. Their 1st game in the NL was on Tuesday, April 25, 1876 when they beat the Louisville Grays 4-0. Their name was still the Chicago White Stockings . Their 1st game as the Chicago Cubs was on Thursday, April 17, 1902 when they beat the Cincinnati Reds 6-1.

How many games are the MLB playoffs?

There are three total rounds of game series in the MLB playoffs.AL & NL Division series: Best out of 5 gamesAL & NL Championship series: Best out of 7 gamesWorld Series: Best out of 7 gamesMaximum possible games played in the playoffs: 31 games