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Q: Who beat cardinals 2014 playoffs?
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Did the cardinals beat the phillies in the playoffs?

Yes they did, they beat them one-zero Whoop Whoop! were moving on!

Who did the cardinals beat to get to the Super Bowl?

In 2008, the Phoenix Cardinals beat the Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, and Philadelphia Eagles in the playoffs to get to the Super Bowl.

Who did the Saints beat first in the 2010 playoffs?

The first game of the playoffs of 2010 for the New Orleans Saints was against the Arizona Cardinals. The Saints beat them 45-14.

When were the Arizona Cardinals in the playoffs last?

After the 2014 season, the Cardinals were defeated in the wild-card round by the Carolina Panthers, 27-16.

Will the Saint Louis Cardinals make the playoffs in 2011?

yes the cardinals will make the playoffs in 2011

How many NFL playoffs were the Phoenix Cardinals in?

The Phoenix Cardinals never made it to the playoffs in the 6 years they were around.

How many times did the Arizona Cardinals enter the playoffs?

The Cardinals entered the playoffs in 2008 and 2009 and in 2008 they went to the Super bowl. Cardinals ROCK

When was the last time the St. Louis Cardinals didn't make the playoffs?

The most recent time the Cardinals failed to make the playoffs, was in 2008.

Which is better the Carolina Panthers or the Arizona Cardinals?

Arizona Cardinals. they lost middle of the season to the Panthers by 4. They then played again in playoffs and beat the Panthers by 20. The Cardinals are now advancing to the NFC championship. so the better team would be Arizona.

Did the St. Louis Cardinals get to the World Series in 2008?

No, the Cardinals did not make the playoffs in 2008.

Who won the nba championship?

The National Basketball Association Champions for 2014 is the San Antonio Spurs who beat the Miami Heat in the playoffs.

What season did the Arizona Cardinals make it to the playoffs?

Have the arizona cardinals ever won a super bowl?

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