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there are different rumours going around of who attacked him people say Rey Mysterio but he is to small where as i believe it was Kane. remember Kane's mask made him different i believe masked Kane came back and we will see Kane v Kane at summerslam

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 14:48:18
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Q: Who attacked the undertaker 2010?
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Who attacked the undertaker in 2010?

Only wwe knows until further notice

Who attacked the undertaker?


Will the undertaker come back to wrestling?

he comes back at summerslam 2010 and reveals who attacked him it turns out to be Kane

Did the undertaker get attacked on Memorial Day weekend?

Yes he did. June 2010 in real life NO in storyline yes.

Was the Undertaker the wwe wrestler attacked?

yes he was attacked last Monday

What happened to undertaker on smackdown?

Undertaker was attacked by Triple H. Why? Because Undertaker is the man who retired HBK

Who attacked the undertaker on WWE?

Wwe nxt

Was it Kane who attacked undertaker?

no, it was jack swagger

Did the undertaker got attack?

You can't got attack but u could get attacked and no he did not get attacked

Undertakergoing out with mellemcool?

will they use to go out but undertaker attacked her

How did undertaker die'?

he didnt die but he wuz attacked.......

Is cmpunk attacked undertaker?

i thank he attacked the undertaker to save his self in the fatel 4 was cuz iwth him in that match cm punk don't have any where to go

What is the undertaker's age in 2010?

undertaker is 45 years old this year 2010

Do they know who attacked the undertaker?

He was never attacked it is a storyline to helpp him and Kane but mostly give him a break

Who did that to undertaker?

Nobody attacked undertaker , hes just on vacation He's not on vaction, he's healing from injuries.

Did undertaker defeat Kane at braggingrights?

no, the nexus interfered and brutally attacked the undertaker, and Kane buried him alive:(

Will the undertaker return in 2010?

the undertaker is going to return in 2010 because Kane and the nxus burid the dead man the undertaker and

Who were the masked men that attacked the undertaker?

his brother Kane and makind

Did undertaker get attacked?

yes. Kane is now attacking everyone.

When is the undertaker coming back in 2010?

It is possible that The Undertaker will be returning to WWE at SummerSlam (2010).

Where is The Undertaker right now?

The Undertaker was "supposedly" attacked on memorial day so for right now he is missing on Smackdown.

Did The Undertaker get attacked 2010?

as a matter of fact yes. he got attacked somewhere around June and now Kane is going to get vengeance to whoever attacked the undertaker. in smackdown rey materio, big show, cmpunk, the guy that's with cmpunk and jack swagger beat up Kane on smackdown. Kane will be FURIOUS and i mean it. we'll just see what happens next

Who won out of undertaker and reymystirio 2010 royal rumble?

it was undertaker

Shawn michals vs undertaker who won 2010?


Will the undertaker face Kane at summerslam 2010?

no the undertaker is dead