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Branch Rickey, president of the Brooklyn Dodgers, asked Jackie Robinson to sign with the Dodgers.

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Q: Who asked Jackie Robinson to join the dodgers?
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What was the name of the guy who asked Jackie Robinson to join the Brooklyn dodgers?

Branch Rickey

When did Jackie Robinson join the major leagues?

Jackie Robinson played his first game with the Brooklyn Dodgers on April 15, 1947.

What year did Jackie Robinson join Brooklyn Dodgers?

Mid 1957. No, actually, it was mid 1947.

What year did Jackie Robinson join Major League Baseball?

Jackie Robinson made his Major League debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers on April 15, 1947.

Did they let Jackie Robinson join the dodgers?

Yes. They let him join as a slug hitter which means he bombs the ball 400 yards

Why did Jackie Robinson join theus army?

Jackie Robinson did not Join the army he was drafted in 1942.

What did Jackie Robinson do to get join the Brooklyn dodgers?

Rickey chose Jackie Robinson as the first African American player for the Brooklyn Dodgers because he was just as good or better than his Caucasian players, he stood up for what he believed in, and was intelligent.

What year did Jackie Robinson join the the military?


Why did Jackie Robinson join the NAACP?

Because He Wanted to

What year did Jackie Robinson join baseball?


What was Jackie Robinson Interested in?

Jackie Robinsonwas interested in join the major league baseball

When did jackie robinson join the dogders?

he joined it when somebody conviced him to

When did Jackie Robinson join the pepper street gang?

when he was a teenager

Who join the Cleveland Indians in 1947 afther Jackie Robinson?

Bob Feller

Did Jackie robinson play baseball or join army first?

He was in the army first

Who was the first African American player to join major league baseball?

Jackie Robinson

The first black player to join baseball hall of fame?

Jackie Robinson who was elected to the HofF in 1962.

Did Jackie Robinson join the National Guard?

No. Jackie Robinson served on active duty after having been drafted. The component where draftees are assigned to is known as the Army of the United States - the National Guard is an entirely separate component.

When did Jackie Robinson Join the Montreal Orioles?

He did not join this team, but 1 year before his major league baseball debut, he played for the Montreal Royals in 1945

What are some important events in Jackie Robinson's life?

In 1942 he joined the army He was a civil right leader And he was the first black to join a major league baseball team

At what four sports did Jackie excel while a student at UCLA?

If your question is in reference to Jackie Robinson, he excelled in baseball, basketball, football and track at Ucla before leaving in 1941 to join the military, where he was discharged for medical reasons "football ankle".

What year did Don Newcombe join the Dodgers?


How do you join the aryan brotherhood in prison?

You don't "join," you are asked.

What was Jackie Robinson act of courage?

Jackie Robinson was the first African-American man to play baseball. The major league was fairly new at the non-segregating game, and most African-American men were afraid of the white men already in the major leagues making fun of them for the color of their skin.Jackie Robinson was not fazed by this and as a result, started to play in the Major League. This brought spitting, ridicule, etc. from his teammates because he was black, and Robinson kept going with it, encouraging other blacks to join the major leagues.

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