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Q: Who as the most ring in nba East or West?
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Which NBA player owns both east and west championship ring?


What is an NBA conference?

west east

How many games has east won and how many west NBA?

East: 36 West:25

Who has the most NBA ring in order?

Who has the most nba rings in order

What team won the NBA all-star game east or west?


Most NBA finals appearance by a NBA player and without a ring?

== == == == == ==

When did the NBA playoffs begin?

April 18th (west) and April 19th (east)

Who have the second most championship ring for nba?

Robert Horry

Who won the first NBA All Star game?

East beats West 111-94 in Boston. East beats West 111-94 in Boston.

Who has won more NBA all-star games?

West - 23 East -35

How many nba teams go to playoff?

16 8 from the east and 8 from the west

What was the score of the 2012 NBA all-star game?

west:152 east:149