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Shane Warne


Anil Kumble (Jumbo)

Sqlain Mustaq

Shain Warn

Mustaq Ahmed




Harbajan Singh

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Q: Who are top 10 spin bowlers in cricket?
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What is the ranking of world spin bowlers?

See the link below for the 10 top spinners of all time.

Who are Top 10 fast bowlers in Indian cricket?

zaheer khan sreesanth nehra munaf phatan ishant kapil sreenath balaji prasad

Who are the top 10 fast bowlers?

Brad Horn is #4

Who are the top 10 bowlers in cricket?

Dale Steyn Saeed Ajmal James Anderson Stuart Broad Peter Siddle G.P. Swann Abdur Rehman B.W. Hilfenhaus M. Morkel Zaheer Khan

When was Top Spin - video game - created?

Top Spin - video game - was created on 2003-10-28.

Top 10 fastest bowlers in the world?

Brett lee, akhtar,nannes,aamer,shane bond,harmission,malinga,boolinger,styen.

Who has scored the most fours top in 10 for Australia in cricket?

ricky ponting

What are the most expensive top 10 leagues in the world?

indian cricket leagues

Which are the top 10 ea games?

fifa and Cricket...!! only two games...!

What are 10 questions to be asked to ipl team owner about selection and participation of their team players?

how do you select the color of the jersey?how you choose team?you want bowlers or batsman more ?hard hitting batsman or run-a-ball ones?spin or pace bowlers?foreign captain or indian?openers?how many allrounders?how you will promote your team?how will you prepare your home grounds?

Which conference has most NFL pro bowlers pac10 or sec?

Pac 10

Who was the first player in the history of world cricket to take 10 wickets in an inning of Test match?

Spin bowler Jim Laker of England against Australia in the year 1956.