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There are many different national teams in Volleyball, here are just a few of them:




United States of America

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Maple Valley, Lakewood, and Pennfield

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Q: Who are the top three volleyball teams in the National Volleyball League?
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Is volleyball played national local or reigonal?

Volleyball is played at all levels. You have local leagues and teams, regional tournaments for these club teams and nationals once a year for these teams. for example, i play for Alpine Volleyball Club. We play in the Columbia Empire Volleyball Association (a regional subdivison of USA volleyball) and we are going to Kentucky for the JDVA national tournament. Also, volleyball is played internationally.

What are the major teams in volleyball?

The best team of volleyball is AMERICA!

How many volleyball teams are there in Italy?

A quick search of the web confirmed my suspicion that volleyball is quite popular in Italy. In just one men's league there are hundreds of teams across multiple skill levels.

How did volleyball get in the Olympics?

volleyball got in the Olympic by winning out the rest of teams they played against.

Are there men' s beach volleyball teams?

Yes! Mens beach volleyball is in the olympics!

Are there only women's volleyball teams?


Materials of volleyball?

a volleyball a net two teams and a umpire and a crowed and a uniform

What type of gear does Rox Volleyball sell?

Rox Volleyball sells official outfitter and licensed appear. When start a professional sports league, Rox volleyball would have the licensed appear for the top ten teams and fans have the opportunity to buy the favorite team appear.

What are the 12s teams in volleyball?

In volleyball, there are cyo teams and club (travel) teams. Club teams are divided into age divisions. The 12s division would be that of players twelve years and under.

Number of players in volleyball in one team?

in beach volleyball you usually go in pars and olympic volleyball is played in teams of 6

What is the WestPack conference about?

The WestPAC conference is a league of high schools sports teams. This league is concerned with volleyball, basketball and football, as well as cross country.

When did Australia first enter a volleyball team in Olympics?

The men's and women's beach volleyball teams first competed at the 1996 Games in Atlanta. The men's and women's indoor volleyball teams first competed at the 2000 Games in Sydney.