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1. Pele (If you haven't heard of him, you've gone insane... Hehe)

and then I dunno, sorry.

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Q: Who are the top ten soccer players in SA?
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Roger De Sa has written: 'Roger de Sa' -- subject(s): Biography, Soccer, Soccer players

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The richest player in the USA soccer team is probably Donovan.

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The term for soccer in Japan is "sakkaa". The spelling in katakana is sa-tsu-ka-a.

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Yip. Pitso John Mosimane did represent SA as a soccer player. Pitso is now the coach for the South African Soccer Team. Pitso used to be a midfielder.

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They are one of the sponsorers.

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Yes and no because some cultures can not unite

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Wala pang mga dota pLayers sa panahon ni Magsaysay

Will the 2010 soccer world cup be a success in SA?

As long as terrorists are kept at bay, It will be a great success.

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Tatanong ko mamaya sa teacher ko

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top 10 pinakamaunlad na city sa pilipinas

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patrice motsepe

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What impact does the 2010 soccer world cup have on SA?

More tourists will want to go there so they'll grt more money.

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o sa ba.o

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