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As of the 2007 World Series, the top ten players in World Series games played are: 1. Yogi Berra - 75

2. Mickey Mantle - 65

3. Elston Howard - 54

4. Hank Bauer, Gil McDougald - 53

6. Phil Rizzuto - 52

7. Joe DiMaggio - 51

8. Frankie Frisch - 50

9. Pee Wee Reese - 44

10. Roger Maris, Babe Ruth - 41

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It is so easy.

#1 is Babe Ruth (lifetime .342 AVG, 714 HR, 2,213 RBI, 2,174 runs, 2,873 hits, .690 SLG%, 2,062 BB, 506 2B, .474 OBP, 5,793 TB, 1.164 OBP+SLG%)

#2 is Willie Mays (.302 AVG, 660 HR, 1,903 RBI, 2,062 runs, 3,283 hits, 338 SB, 523 2B, 6,066 TB)

#3 Ty Cobb (.367 AVG, 4,191 hits, 2,246 runs, 1,939 RBI, 892 SB, 297 3B, 724 2B, .433 OBP). These 3 can cause a big quarrel in number order, so it doesn't matter. But the better options areavailable:

#4 Stan Musial (.331 AVG, 475 HR, 1,951 RBI, 1,949 runs, 3,630 hits, 725 2B, 177 3B, 6,134 TB, .559 SLG%)

#5 Lou Gehrig (.340 AVG, 2,721 hits, 493 HR, 1,888 runs, 1,995 RBI, 534 2B, 5,060 TB, .632 SLG%, .448 OBP)

#6 is Rickey Henderson (.279 AVG, 297 HR, 1,406 SB, 2,295 runs, 3,055 hits, 81 HR leading off a game [a record], 2,190 BB, 4,588 TB, .401 OBP)

#7 is Albert Pujols (at age 29- .334 AVG, 366 HR, 1,112 RBI, .628 SLG%, .427 OBP, 1,071 runs, 1,717 hits, 387 2B, 811 BB).

#8 Rogers Hornsby (.358 AVG, 301 HR, 541 2B, 2,930 hits, 1,579 runs, 1,594 RBI, .577 SLG%, .434 OBP, 4,712 TB)

#9 is George Brett (.305 AVG, 201 SB, 3,154 hits, 317 HR, 1,595 RBI, 665 2B, 137 3B, 5,044 TB, 1,583 runs)

#10 is Hank Aaron (755 HR, 240 SB, 3,771 hits, .305 AVG, 2,297 RBI, 2,174 runs, 624 2B, 6,856 TB, .555 SLG%) Note: he rarely hit 40 HR in a year but Babe Ruth did consistently. he also had too many at-bats (12,364) and games played (3,298), more than anybody, so he needed all those plate appearances to barely get higher totals than Babe, Willie and Gehrig.

That is my list, probably one of the most wisely well thought out, smartly researched list of top players in more than 1OO years.

I did not pick any pitchers because the batters have better slugging stats. With the exception of Babe Ruth, though I didn't mention them (but here they are: 94-46 won-loss record, 2.28 ERA, .671 W%, 488 SO, 10 HR allowed, .220 AVG [batters hit against Ruth), 974 hits allowed).

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H Long, Bill Dahlen, D White, G Smith, T Corcoran, F Pfeffer, Cap Anson, J Ward J Glasscock, and E McKen

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Q: Who are the top ten players in games played in the World Series major league baseball history?
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