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THE TOP TEN HIGHEST PAID PLAYERS IN THE PSL ---- ---- 1. sbusiso zuma from sundowns 2.lances davids from pirates f.c 3.kathlego mashego from pirates 4. sboniso gaxa from sundowns 5. bennedic villakazi from sundowns 6. Teko modise from pirates 7.jose torelba from chiefs 8. katlego mphela from sundowns 9. brain Baloyi from sundowns 10. Elias Mpelembe from super sport united REFFERENCES FROM COMEWELL MILTUS SHIVITI CONTACT DETAILS IS 0794439296 CALLBACK NOT ALLOWED. SPORT ADMINISTRATOR IN LIMPOPO PROVINCE

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Q: Who are the top ten most paid players in psl South affica?
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Teko modise

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i need help this is the most stupid site ever....

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