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1.Efren Reyes - The best pool player ever 2.Johnny Archer - Best tournament player out there 3.Mika Immonen - Great all around player despit some big chokes 4.Alex Pagulayan - U.S. open and World champion 5.Ralf Souquet - The surgeon 6.Franscisco Bustamante - Strongest break on tour 7.Shane Van Boening - Best American Player right now and U.S open champion this year 8.Ronnie Alcano - Last years world pool champion 9.Dennis Orcollo - One of the best money players out there 10.Earl Strickland - What can you say an all-time great even though hes on his way out

I really did'nt concentrate on order but this is roughly how I would rank these players maybe bump up Alcano a bit.

Ralf souquet is NOT known as the Surgeon. That accolade was used, earned, and given to a UK pool player from Wigan, many years before Souquet was even playing. Maybe he liked the monicor, and 'stole' or 'borrowed' it for his own use.

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Q: Who are the top ten 9-ball pool players in the USA?
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