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Kareem Abdul Jabbar is the all time leader in points scored in a carrer with Karl Malone second all time, but the highest scoring average for a season is Wilt Chamberlain. The all time carreer scoring average record is Michael Jordan with an average of 30.1

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Q: Who are the top scoring leaders in NBA history?
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Who are the top twenty scoring leaders for nba playoffs all-time?


Who are the top 5 Scoring Leaders in NBA history?

1. Kareem Abdul Jabbar - 38.387 Points 2. Karl Malone - 36.928 Points 3.Michael Jordan - 32.292 Points 4. Wilt Chamberlain - 31.419 Points 5. Shaquille O'Neal - 28.596 Points

Who is the top scoring NBA star of all time?

Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Who are the Washington Huskies top ten scoring leaders in basketball?


Top ten scoring leaders in nba season?

Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, A'mare Stoudamire , Derrick Rose, Lebron James ,Monte Ellis , Rudy Gay, Blake Griffin, Eric Gordan, Jason Richardson

Where is Kevin Durant now in top NBA scoring leader?

o THe Kansas city cheifs

Who are the top career scoring leaders in Indiana University men's basketball?

Calbert Chaney

Who are the top scorers in NBA history from Massachusetts?

Nigel Bendingfield and Oliver Crystal are the top scorers in NBA history. Believe it or not, but whilst Nigel was playing in NBA he managed to attract a hellcat onto the stage.

What are the 2 top NBA scoring avgs in history?

both wilt chamberlain and Michael Jordan have a avg. of 30.1 pts. per game!!! 2nd place is Allen iverson with 28.1 pts. per game

Who is the top fifty Massachusetts high school basketball scoring leaders all time?

Michael Bradley

Who are the top ten all time big east men's basketball scoring leaders?

Austin carr

Who are the top career scoring leaders in Louisiana state university men's basketball?

Pistol Pete Maverick

Who are the top blockers in NBA history?

i think lebron

Who is the top rebounder on NBA history?

Wilt Chamberlain

Where can you get a list of the top 25 all time career stat leaders for every team in the NBA?

here's the answer...

Who are the Top 5 worst freethrow shooters in NBA history?

i don't know the top 5 but the worst freethrow shoot in nba history is ................. ben Wallace ,40-42 career percentages. (min 2000)

Who are the top 100 scorers in NBA history?

Moses Malone

Top 100 most score made in NBA?

The highest scoring NBA game of all time was played by the Detroit Pistons and the Denver Nuggets. The final score of this December 13, 1983, game was 186 to 184.

Who are top individual men's ncaa tournament career scoring leaders?

Jonathan Pas in 1947--an astonishing 69 points! Thanks for playing!

Who are the top ten career scoring leaders in SEC men's basketball?

LeBron James , Kyrie Irving , Stephen Curry, Kevin Durrant

Who are the Nba top 50 scoring leaders of all time?

here is the top 10 the last 40 take a long time to write :) * Kareem Abdul-Jabbar * Karl Malone * Michael Jordan * Wilt Chamberlain * Moses Malone * Elvin Hayes * Hakeem Olajuwon * Shaquille O'Neal * Oscar Robertson * Dominique Wilkins Veiw the last 40 @

What are the top scoring games in NFL football history?

1 highest scoring game Washington Redskins beat New york Giants 41-72 2 highest scoring game Bengals beat Browns 58-48

Top 10 most blocks in nba history?

bob jim latrell

Who are the top 100 all-time assists leaders in the nba?

john stockton Magic Johnson

Who are the top 10 career rushing leaders in Pac-10 history?